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Why a 5-step routine?

Pourquoi une routine en 5 étapes ?

A 5-care facial routine, including a makeup remover, a cleanser, floral water, a cream and a serum or oil, is essential to take care of your skin and give it the attention it deserves.

Here's why each step is important:

① Remove makeup:

Removing makeup from your skin is essential to eliminate impurities, preserve skin balance, prepare the skin for treatments, promote regeneration and prevent premature aging. This step helps remove makeup, dirt and excess oil, preventing clogged pores and skin problems. By regularly removing makeup from your skin, you prepare a clean base for subsequent care and allow the skin to regenerate overnight. Additionally, it helps prevent damage from makeup residue and maintain healthy, glowing, glowing skin.

② Clean:

Cleansing your skin with a solid soap is essential to eliminate impurities, regulate sebum production, prevent imperfections, gently exfoliate and respect the environment. Solid soaps cleanse deeply, leaving skin fresh and clean. They help reduce excess sebum, preventing acne and shine problems. Some solid soaps contain gentle exfoliating ingredients to remove dead skin cells, promoting a smoother, brighter complexion. Additionally, solid soaps are more environmentally friendly and reduce plastic waste. In summary, cleaning your skin with a solid soap is an essential step for clean, healthy and environmentally friendly skin.

③ Tone:

Toning your skin with floral water is beneficial to restore the skin's pH balance, hydrate, soothe, prepare the skin, purify and refresh. Incorporating floral water into your daily skincare routine is a simple but important gesture to take care of your skin and give it a healthy and radiant appearance. It also prepares the skin to absorb the benefits of subsequent treatments.

④ Protect:

Protecting your skin with a moisturizer is fundamental to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. This helps maintain skin hydration, prevent dehydration, strengthen the skin's protective barrier, prevent signs of premature aging, protect against external aggressions and prepare the skin for more makeup application. smooth. In short, using a moisturizer is a simple but important step to take care of your skin every day.

⑤ Feed:

Nourishing your skin with a serum or oil is essential to provide deep hydration, targeted nutrition and protection against external aggressions. Serums and oils penetrate deeply, providing essential nutrients and strengthening the skin's protective barrier. They also target specific concerns and improve skin texture. Their light texture and rapid absorption make them pleasant to use, while application offers a moment of relaxation. Incorporating a serum or oil into your daily skincare routine will help maintain healthy, glowing and resilient skin.

Conclusion :

By combining these five steps into your daily facial routine, you are giving your skin the care it needs to maintain its balance, health and natural beauty. Well-maintained skin results in a radiant complexion, smooth texture and boosted self-confidence.

So, take the time to pamper your skin with a 5-care routine,
she will pay you back

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